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Reginnova NE, an Innovation, Technological Transfer, Human Resources and Community Support Association, is creating a structured environment for innovation and development in the field of textile and clothing. The association’s partnerships with TCBL and EIT Manufacturing, which boasts a network of more than 130 partners including leading industry players, universities, and research institutes, provide a wealth of opportunities. These collaborations enable Reginnova NE to tap into a vast pool of knowledge and resources, fostering innovation and technological advancement.

Moreover, the association’s founders, Katty Fashion, Arhipelago, and Cabinet Amariei, further enhance its capabilities. For instance, Katty Fashion, founded by Caterina Ailiesei in 2003, is an experienced manufacturer of women apparel, both casual and haute couture, specialized in short series clothing and customized products. This expertise, combined with the innovative drive of Reginnova NE, paves the way for the development of sustainable, high-quality, and customized textile products.

Together, these partnerships and founding influences position Reginnova NE at the forefront of the textile and clothing industry, driving innovation, sustainability, and growth. They also enable the association to address social and environmental issues related to the local textile and clothing industry, making it a key player in shaping the future of this sector.

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Our Values

Inspired by our community, driven by innovation, guided by our values.


Reginnova is committed to promoting sustainable practices in the local textile and clothing industry.


Reginnova values creativity and encourages innovation in all aspects of the business.

Social Responsibility

Reginnova recognizes the importance of social responsibility and strives to make a positive impact on the community.


Reginnova believes in the power of collaboration and works closely with stakeholders to achieve common goals.


Reginnova operates with integrity and values honesty, transparency, and ethical behavior.

Diversity and Inclusion

Reginnova celebrates diversity and promotes a culture of inclusion, where everyone’s voices and perspectives are valued.


Reginnova strives for excellence in everything they do, from consulting services to promoting the growth of the local textile and clothing industry.


Reginnova is passionate about what they do and is dedicated to achieving their vision of a thriving, sustainable, and innovative textile and clothing industry in the region.

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Reginnova celebrates diversity and promotes a culture of inclusion, where everyone’s voices and perspectives are valued.