Our Story

The textile and clothing industry in the Northeast (NE) Region of Romania has a long and rich history. It has been a significant contributor to the region’s economy, providing employment opportunities and driving economic growth. With its strong cultural heritage, skilled workforce, and abundance of natural resources, the NE Region has the potential to be a leader in the textile and clothing industry.

The industry in the NE Region is composed of a wide range of businesses, from small artisanal workshops to large-scale manufacturers. The industry is known for producing a diverse range of products, including textiles, garments, and accessories. While the industry has faced challenges in recent years, including increased competition from low-cost producers in other parts of the world, it remains a vital sector in the region’s economy. To address these challenges and continue to grow and thrive, the industry needs to embrace innovation and sustainable practices.

At Reginnova, we believe that the NE Region’s textile and clothing industry has tremendous potential. By promoting sustainability, encouraging innovation, and fostering collaboration, we aim to support the growth of the industry and ensure that it remains a vital contributor to the region’s economy for years to come.

About Reginnova

Established in October 2016, Reginnova NE is a non-profit association dedicated to fostering innovation, sustainable development, and the exchange of know-how within our community. Our primary objective is to enhance the competitiveness of the crafts, textile, clothing, leather and footwear (TCLF) sectors in the North-East Region of Romania.

Reginnova NE, together with our key partner, TCBL, invites all stakeholders in the Romanian North-East Region, as well as at the national and EU levels, to join us in creating a structured environment for innovation and development in the fields of crafts, fashion, textile, and clothing manufacturing, together with our rich ecosystem of over 18 partners.

Reginnova NE was founded by Katty Fashion, an innovative SME that specializes in fashion product development and clothing manufacturing with a commitment to Zero Waste. We are currently collaborating with Katty Fashion, the Technical University of Iasi (TUIasi), and other regional partners to develop a new business model, “Fashion Factory of the Future”. This model aims to optimize all processes and reduce textile waste through digital techniques and systemic design, encompassing the entire value chain of fashion from production to consumption.
Reginnova NE, through its main founding member Katty Fashion, is part of the supporting group of RegioTex. This initiative, launched by EURATEX and Textile ETP in 2016, aims to boost innovation in textiles and accelerate the industrial renewal in traditional manufacturing regions across Europe.

Our second co-founding member, Arhipelago Interactive, is part of the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), Afaceri.ro Business Community, and Iconic Cluster. With 20 years of experience in communication, B2B services, EU funding promotion and management, innovation management, and international events, Arhipelago Interactive brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our association.

STUDIO EXPERT, our third co-founding member, has 14 years of experience in business consulting, organizational management, accounting and financial analysis, and the writing, implementation, and management of EU funded projects.

Reginnova NE is a strategic partner in the Regional Smart Specialization Strategy (RIS3) and is part of the Regional Innovation Committee. This committee, coordinated by the Regional Development Agency (ADR), is composed of representatives from academia, research, innovative enterprises, public authorities, and civil society. It plays a crucial role in endorsing and monitoring the regional framework document developed for scheduling the financing from Axis 1-Promoting technology transfer, Regional Operational Program (ROP) 2014-2020.

Furthermore, Reginnova NE is a strategic partner of the European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIHs). These hubs serve as one-stop shops that help companies dynamically respond to digital challenges and become more competitive. They provide innovation services, such as financing advice, training, and skills development, which are essential for a successful digital transformation.

Reginnova Founders

The founders of Reginnova – Katty Fashion, Cabinet Amariei and Arhipelago – are prominent players in the textile and clothing industry in the Northeast Region of Romania. With their collective expertise and experience, they bring a wealth of knowledge to the table and are dedicated to promoting sustainable and innovative practices in the sector. Their commitment to excellence, creativity, and social responsibility has made Reginnova a trusted partner for businesses seeking to innovate and grow in the industry. As a result, Reginnova has become a driving force for positive change in the local textile and clothing industry, with a focus on community engagement and sustainable development.

Reginnova Partners

The North-East Regional Development Agency
Faculty of Industrial Design & Affairs Management – Technical University Iasi
The Ideas Workshop
Textile & Clothing Business Labs
Romanian Textile Concept Bucharest
The European Technology Platform for the Future of Textiles and Clothing
Association for Community Support & Social Integration
Romanian Textile Designers & Producers Association
Mai Bine
Faculty of Visual Arts & Design – University George Enescu
Technical College Ioan C. Ștefănescu Iași
ICONIC Cluster
European Factories of the Future Reasearch Association
FabLab Iasi
European Digital Innovation Hubs Network
Iasi Technical University Gheorghe Asachi
Astrico Textile Cluster
European Cluster Collaboration Platform
Federation of Textile, Clothing and Leather