About us

Established in 2003, Katty Fashion is a pioneering SME based in North East Romania. With nearly two decades of experience, we specialize in providing custom services in collaborative design, product development, and high-end bespoke garment manufacturing across all categories of women’s wear to over 50 EU brands.

Our innovative approach has been recognized though prestigious awards such as the C-Voucher competition in 2019 and the BoostUP Transform CLC EAST EITM Competition in 2020. As part of our strategic vision to become a Factory of the Future, Katty Fashion is actively involved in several European Projects, including R3Group, RegioGreenTex, and AIRedgio5.0. We are committed to driving innovation and setting new standards in the fashion industry.

Our team, with a legacy spanning three generations of textile and clothing engineers, is committed to adopting the most ethical, practical, and advantageous solutions for the entire ecosystem. We strive to maintain the highest standards by continually enhancing our knowledge and skills, and by prioritizing each other’s wellbeing. Recognizing that our actions today significantly influence future generations, we are dedicated to sustainability and mindfulness in all our endeavors.

Since 2016, we have been at the forefront of innovation, transforming business model insights into actionable strategies. This is achieved by disseminating, replicating, and franchising the KF business model to regional and EU brands and manufacturers through Reginnova NE. This non-profit organization, established by Katty Fashion in collaboration with esteemed regional partners in 2016, supports innovation, education, and the creation of sustainable value for the fashion and garment manufacturing sector at both regional and EU levels, fostering a robust ecosystem.

Katty Fashion is a proactive participant in numerous regional and EU-level ecosystems, including the Regional Innovation Committee for the Regional Smart Specialisation Strategy, ETP-Bio Based-Circular and Digital Fashion expert groups, Regiotex, TCBL, EFFRA, Common Objectives, and EIT Manufacturing. We provide our valuable expertise and collaborate closely with experts from various sectors in digitalization, bio-based solutions, and circular economy to develop practical solutions. Our efforts cater to the critical need for a paradigm shift in the fashion and garment manufacturing industry towards more ethical, sustainable, and viable business models. These models are integrated with EU value chains to optimize resource utilization and enable real-time decision-making based on tested and validated solutions. Through research, innovation, education, and the creation of sustainable value, we aim to benefit all stakeholders, as well as the environment.

Since 2019, Katty Fashion has been transitioning from a traditional garment manufacturing business model to an innovative and sustainable one, guided by our 10-year Fashion Factory of the Future Strategy.

The initial phase of our transformation involved the integration of 3D technologies into product development and the introduction of new services aimed at eliminating pre-consumer waste. This was achieved through collaborative design, virtual prototyping, and digital validation of styles.

Our ongoing efforts focus on the incremental transformation of our business model towards digitally-enabled, smart, circular garment manufacturing. Key steps in this process include transitioning from physical to digital databases, ensuring secure yet accessible data bases, and developing necessary algorithms for seamless communication and real-time decision-making among team members and B2B and B2C clients. This approach allows for optimal resource utilization and effective impact monitoring.

In addition, we have implemented Agile practices and business management techniques through specialized training. Our goal is to co-create the most beneficial implementation of our strategic plan for the incremental transformation of our business model. As we introduce new 3D technologies and work towards digitally-enabled smart circular design, product development, and garment manufacturing, we recognize the importance of addressing the social aspects of introducing new technologies.

Recent Horizon EU Projects

Since 2023, we have been involved in three Horizon EU projects – R3GROUP, AI REDGIO 5.0, RegioGreenTex and CoboSort – which have been key elements in our transformation journey. These projects reflect our commitment to innovation and sustainability in the fashion industry.

  • R3GROUP is an ambitious project aiming to develop and demonstrate resilience strategies for reconfiguration in various manufacturing sectors, including the automotive industry, metal production, rubber and plastics manufacturing, clothing, and appliances. Within the project, we aim to develop digital product and process twins that enable efficient reconfigurability.
  • AI REDGIO 5.0 represents an ambitious project built on the existing H2020 I4MS AI REGIO alliance, aiming at the digital transformation of SMEs in the Industry 5.0 production. Integrating the AI REDGIO 5.0 project within Katty Fashion will bring significant transformation to the quality control process. By developing an innovative product defect detection system based on AI technology, Katty Fashion will benefit from streamlined quality control. Implementing this system will enable quick and accurate visualization of product images and defects, facilitating product handling and rapid, precise defect detection.
  • RegioGreenTex is an innovative initiative, based on the Quadruple-Helix partnership, aiming to identify and mitigate obstacles to implementing a systematic circular economy model in the textile industry across the European Union. In the project, Katty Fashion plans to develop unique and specialized modules, benefiting from the systemic collaborative design of digital product development already introduced at Katty Fashion.
  • CoboSort aims to push the garment market towards a sustainable economy by means of circular and green actions enabled by the adoption of intelligent systems for effective management of new, returned or used clothing. CoboSort focuses on the development of machine learning models and robotic grippers, as well as their integration within a reliable and inclusive collaborative robotic induction system that enable sorting of full/parally/not packaged pieces of clothes.

Why Us

Extensive Experience: We have over 20 years of manufacturing experience for some of the most prominent European fashion brands.
Flexible Production Model: We can easily handle requests of one or 1000 pieces.
Commitment to Technology & Innovation: We are partners in several EU-funded R&D projects.
On Time Delivery: Your deadlines are our deadlines. We do not promise what we cannot deliver.
Commitment to Quality & Excellence: From the quality to the range of our services, you will never get less than our best.
Bespoke Services: We understand that creativity is complicated and that every idea is unique, which is why we tailor our services to your specific needs.


Julia Butuca – Managing Director,
Mob: +40 752139 209,
e-mail: managing.director@katty-fashion.ro