Workshop – ReDo it Yourself

REDU Place Lab organized on the 12th  and 13th of October 2018 a creative workshop where young people from the local community have learned how to valorise their old garments.  This event aimed to promote, under the TCBL project umbrella, a sustainable practice to reduce the negative impact of the textile & clothing consumption on the local environment.

Experienced designers of REDU coordinated local young creators to understand how they can prolong the life of their clothing, how to collect, repair and/or turn old garments into new useful things.  Around 20 people attended this workshop in those two event’s days.

Two main objectives were addressed to the participants:

  1. Awareness of sustainable consumption alternatives – an interactive analyse of the impact each of us have as a clothing consumer and how we can contribute together to a positive change at locally and regionally.
  2. Introductory course of clothing manufacturing – REDU team led the participants during the process of transforming the collected old garments into new useful things: bags, reusable bags, aprons etc.